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Issue Date: June 13, 2011
Response Date: July 25, 2011
Pre-Submission Conference: July 12, 2011
Time and location 11:00 a.m. 199 Grove Way, Roswell, GA 30075

Contact information
Scott Marcelais


The Housing Authority of the City of Roswell (RHA) is seeking a company, firm or consulting team to co-develop public housing and new affordable housing on an existing RHA owned 19 +/- acre site on 3 parcels, the target of which is 18 +/- acres, and other possible sites (up to 31+/- acres in total) in the Grove way Neighborhood of the City of Roswell, GA. This neighborhood is a target neighborhood of the City for revitalization. The neighborhood is adjacent to the historic district of Roswell and has a variety of commercial and residential zoning patterns. The community is in the final stages of establishing a form based zoning model for this neighborhood.

This project will be RHA’s first venture into mixed-income, mixed-financing, and mixed-use development and it is the first re-development venture of its public housing stock. The RHA is also designated and experienced in the issuance of tax exempt multi-family rental housing bonds.
In order to begin this effort, RHA needs to engage a quality developer to take the lead on the redevelopment of the public housing site and the revitalization of the surrounding neighborhood. RHA wants to retain an option to extend the agreement with the selected co-developer for additional phases on these tracts of land and for other RHA acquired sites in the future. In order to comply with HUD requirements, this option will exist for five years from the date the developer is selected.

The new affordable housing is anticipated to be a mixed income development or series of developments for those households under 80% of AMI and above. The threshold of affordability will comply with standards of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit and the Multi-Family Housing Revenue Bond programs. Some of the units will receive rent subsidies from a public housing Annual Contributions Contract. The unit mix and overall number of units will be determined based on the recommendations of a market study and financial analysis of what is possible.
The entity selected will be responsible for the majority of the development work, with involvement and assistance from the RHA. RHA will have the final decision on the development plan including scale and scope, design, site plans, unit mix, and income levels served. RHA has absolute veto power in the case of disagreement over the development concept.

The RHA retains HADP Architecture, Inc. as its architect and development consultant. This consultant of the authority will act as the liaison with the designated developer.

Services to be provided by the designated Developer and/or its team members would include the following among other services:

Services to be provided by the Roswell Housing Authority will include the following among other services:

Submit an original and five copies of a proposal in response to this Request for Qualifications to:

Scott Marcelais
Executive Director
Housing Authority of the City of Roswell
P.O. Box 1106
Roswell, GA 30077


The RHA was established in 1950. It owns and operates 102 public housing units and one market rate unit. The public housing units are located on two parcels of land totaling approximately 17 acres. The RHA recently purchased a 1.39 parcel of vacant land that is earmarked for a HUD 202 project in partnership with a local private nonprofit. All the lands owned by the RHA are in the Grove way target neighborhood of Roswell.
The public housing units were built in three stages in the 1950’s, 70’s and 80’s. The tract targeted for redevelopment is the oldest and consists of 36 units.

Since 1983 the RHA has issued nearly $130 million in tax exempt multifamily rental bonds generating approximately 2,300 rental units in or near Roswell of which 40% are to house persons at or below 60% AMI.

There are at least four other multi-family developments located in the Grove way neighborhood that the RHA would consider either acquiring or partnering with the current owners to include in a tax credit application. Part of the Grove way revitalization plan is the adoption of form based zoning for the neighborhood by the City of Roswell. This will have been determined by the end of 2011.


Cover Letter

Provide a cover letter that identifies the primary contact person for the Respondent, lists all firms that are a part of the Respondent’s development team and briefly summarizes the proposed development concept. This letter must be signed by an authorized principal of the Respondent and include a statement that the submittal will remain valid for not less than 90 days.

Experience/Expertise of Developer

Provide a firm overview of the Respondent and describe its experience with similar projects. Identify the individual that would serve as project manager and describe their specific qualifications and experience with projects of similar scope and size. The project manager is integral to the proposal and may not be replaced without prior written approval of RHA. In the event of a joint venture between multiple developers, provide information on each firm, indicate past experience working together, if any, and describe the respective role each firm would play in this project.
In your response, address the following:

Experience of Development Team Members – Architect & Engineering

In your response, address the following:

Design Concepts

Provide a brief narrative that describes the Respondent’s preliminary development concept and plan for the Site(s) that address issues related to land use planning, mixed-income and mixed-use. RHA understands that the preliminary strategy is very conceptual and subject to market survey will disclose. Feel free to include alternate scenarios in addition to a base strategy. Describe how you will complete the following in time to be included in the tax credit application anticipated in the spring of 2012.
As much as possible in your response, address the following:

Experience of Development Team Members-Financing and Legal

For team members not directly employed by the Respondent (such as third party attorneys and financial consultants) provide an overview of each firm and describe itsw experience on similar projects.

In your response, address the following:

Experience of Development Team Members – Property Management

For team members not directly employed by the Respondent (such as third-party property management firms), provide an overview of each firm and describe its experience on similar projects.

In your response, address the following:

Business Terms

RHA intends to participate in development and operating decisions related to the project. RHA’s objectives are to assure that the development meets our mission of providing quality low-income housing and to develop experience and capacity to develop and manage LIHTC developments in the future. Therefore, Respondents must address each of the following in their submittal:

Final fees will be negotiated subject to the best interests of the Housing Authority of the City of Roswell.

Final Instructions for Submission

Responders shall submit a cover letter, an original and five copies of tis written proposal. The proposal shall indicate the responder’s capability to proceed in a timely manner and its ability to provide the necessary services that will comply with all the requirements. The proposal shall clearly define how the responder achieves the intended performance under the six evaluation criteria.


The RHA will rate and rank all proposals received by the deadline set forth in this RFQ according to evaluation criteria established herein. Responders may be asked to participate in a telephone or personal interview if they are among the top-rated respondents. If the RHA cannot successfully negotiate a contract with the top-rated entity, the next ranked entity shall be selected for negotiation.

RHA reserves the right to reject any and all submissions, to waive informalities and minor irregularities in submissions received, and to accept any submissions deemed to be in tis best interest.

RHA has absolute veto power in the case of disagreement regarding the project scope, ownership structure, design, unit mix, income levels served, etc.


The proposal must indicate the responder’s experience applying for, developing, owning and managing Low-Income Housing Tax Credit financed developments. The experience of the developer in developing low-income housing in Georgia will be considered. Being Georgia DCA-approved is the minimum threshold.

The responder shall indicate its ability to provide the necessary design, architectural and engineering services in both the application and development phases. The experience of the architectural and engineering firms in developing low-income housing in Georgia will be considered.

The quality of the responder’s development concepts and land use plan will be evaluated to indicate the responder’s imagination and realism. RHA is not looking for a cookie-cutter deal.

The responder shall indicate its ability to provide financing expertise and guarantees. The experience of the developer in financing low-income housing in Georgia will be considered.

The responder shall state its ability to provide property management services. The management company’s experience with tax credit and very low income rental property will be considered.

The Respondent shall indicate their proposed developer fee, contractor’s profit and management fee, and describe how RHA will participate in the fee structure and gain experience and capacity to develop their own entrepreneurial activities and asset-based property management activity.


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